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*-SISTEMA HPLC, GRADIENTE, BINARIO, CON DETECTOR UV, COMPLETO, incluyendo tambien Computadora y Software, marca LABOTECGROUP.COM ( USA ) modelo 200.-

Model 200 Automated Binary Gradient. Includes: Variable Wavelength Detector for 195-800 nm Operation D2 Lamp D2 Lamp (195-360 nm; to 800 nm with optional W lamp); Model PM-200 Gradient Pump Module with Pressure Transducer, Pump flow 0.01-9.99 ml/min, 3500 psi., Through-the-Handle Injection Valve (TtH) with Position Sensor.
Includes: Chrom HPLC Management Software and Accessories. Dual channel data acquisition and control software. Stainless Steel or PEEK Construction. and Notebook.

The 200 is packaged with the Chrom software. This
easy to use package includes dual channel data acquisition /
data integration and instrument control. Including pump
control with pressure transducer and wavelength control of the

• UV-VIS operation from 195nm to 800nm
(with optional tungsten lamp).
• Double beam optics (Reference and Sample Paths).
• Flowcells are also available for prep and microbore in
PEEK or Stainless Steel construction.
• Sensitivity levels available for over 95% of all applications.
• All wettable components are constructed of Stainless Steel,
TFE, Tefzel, and Quartz. Optional PEEK flow path for biocompatiblity
is available with no difference in price.

• Flow rate from 0.01 to 9.99mL/min. 3,500psi
(5,000 psi pressures available).
• Through-the-handle low dead volume injection valve.
• Analog outputs for absorbance and wavelength available at
rear of instrument.
• Contact closure output for data acquisition start.
• Software control of gradient.
• Software display and integration of data.

Detector Specifications:
Wavelengths: 195 to 800 nm
Lamps: Standard - Deuterium (D2) (195-360 nm)
Accessory - Tungsten (W) (360-800 nm)
Analytical: 7mm pathlength, 10ml volume, 200 psi; wetted materials:
PEEK, quartz or sapphire, Tefzel, TFE; 1/16" O.D. tubing.
Preparative: 2.0 mm pathlength, 4 ml volume, 100 psi; wetted materials:
PEEK, quartz or sapphire, Tefzel, TFE, 1/8" O.D. tubing.
Linearity: Better than 2%
Wavelength Accuracy: 2 nm
Wavelength Reproducibility: 1 nm
Spectral Resolution: 5 nm
Stability (Drift): Less than 2.5x10-4 AU/Hr (at 254 nm and constant temperature)
Noise: Less than ± 2.5x10-5 AU (5x10-5AU peak to peak) at 254nm and constant temperature
Recorder Output (A): 10mV
Integrator Output: 1.0 V/AU to 2V (Equivalent to 2.0 AU)
Display: Absorbance: 4.5 digits to 1.999 AU
Wavelength: 3 digits for operating range 195-800 nm
Absorbance Ranges: 0.005, 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 1.0 AU
Front Panel Controls: Wavelength (l) selection, Range selection, Autozero, Event Mark
Rear Panel Controls: Subminiature D-type, 15 position female connector for detector
recorder/ integrator output, and remote control (Wavelength
Up/Down, Event Mark, Autozero, Lamp On/Off, Sample/Refer ence Energy)

Pump Specifications:
Flow Rate: 0.01 to 9.99 mL/min
Pressure: 0-3500 PSI for 10 mL head (SS or PEEK)
Flow Accuracy: 3% for flowrates of 0.33 mL/min and above; 0.01 mL/min for flowrates below 0.33 mL/min
Seal Flush: Continuous flush of piston seal to minimize buffer problems
Precision: 0.5% RSD
Controls: Software control of gradient pumps. Ten gradient segments. Pressure display including continuous
pressure plot. High and low pressure alarms.
Rear Panel: 6 pin RJ-11: RS-232 for remote pump control, DB-15F for Detector control cable
Power entry module: 110/115, 220/230V factory preset
Integrated Prime/Purge Valve: PEEK with 0.0625" port diameter and fittings; 5000 PSI; wetted materials: Stainless
Steel or PEEK, TFE™ and Tefzel
Pulse Damper: Mobile phase in contact with damper: 1.2 mL at 6000 PSI; wetted materials: Stainless Steel or PEEK
and inert diaphragm; compressible fluid: isopropanol
Pressure Transducer: Rated to at least 10,000 psi (included with “Plus” and DIS versions)
Injection Valve: Stainless Steel or PEEK ; 20 uL sample loop; position sensor (event); Through-the-Handle Sample
Injection Port; user changeable sample loops