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Termociclador de gradiente , de 96 pocillos para tubos de 0,2 mL
| brand: | id: K-96-0 |

*-TERMOCICLADOR marca LABOTECGROUP.COM modelo K-96-0 con bloque de 96 x 0.2 mL, y tapa calentada.-
Incluye la FUNCIÒN DE GRADIENTE, que permite diferentes temperaturas en las distintas partes del bloque.
(opcionalmente puede suministrarse con otros bloques)

Product combines most advanced of today’s semiconductor technology (PeltierBased), with imports of core parts, ensure that the products of amplification rate, analysis results and system reliability.Reliable guarantee for the accuracy of the Temperature extended control mode which is closer to required experiment temperature control and is able to effectively avoid the system error caused by the disaccord of the temperature points among the instrument’s display temperature, actual block temperature and the temperature required for reagents. So as to improve the accuracy of the experiment and ensure the high efficiency. Strict temperature controldebugging program makes sure that each instrument can meet the needs of differentexperiment.

12 channel temperature probes detect simultaneously, which ensure the homogeneity of sample temperature. The hermetic-space technique can efficiently eliminate PCR margin reaction. The technique of outside temperature probe tracing the inside curve testing can effectively ensure the accuracy of sample temperature.
The sample of replacement


?replacement mode.
?Large size super-high-definition LCD screen.
?Intuitive, friendly user interface makes program easier and faster.
?Memory function in case of power-down.
?Solemn, elegant appearance, innovative model.
?Unique rotating stall heat-regulating function.
?Optimal panel design for human ,more convenient operation.
?Heat lid could be stopped at any angle.
?Handlemodule, more secure and convenient module replacement, improving
using efficiency and expanding using years.

Block types

?A 0.2ml×96
?B 0.5ml×54
?C 0.2ml×96+0.5ml×77
?D 384 WELL

The sample temperature control
Instrument working condition
?Ambient temperature:5?-30?
?Relative humidity:?90?
?Power supply:AC110V±22V?220V±22V?250VA?50Hz±1Hz

Instrument storage condition
?Ambient temperature: -20?-55?
?Relative humidity: ?90?

Interface of program displays
Performance index

Model K-96-0
Capacity 96x0.2mL(A); -OTROS BLOQUES: 54x0.5mL(B); 96x0.2mL+77×0.5ml?C??384well?D?
Temp range 0?—99.9??Rt?30??
Max Heating rate ?4.0?/s
Max cooling rate ?4.0?/s
Heating/cooling rate 0.1?/s—3.0?/s? adjustable?
Uniformity ?±0.2?
Accuracy ?±0.1?
Gradient temp range 30?—99?
Gradient spread 1?—30?
Gradient Uniformity ?0.2?
Heat lid temp 30?—110?
Environment temperature identification manual identification
Temp control block,tube,calculated
Stored program no 200
Max.No .of Cylce 99
Display 5.7inch?320*240pels LCD
Communication USB2.0 Rs232
Size 380mm(L)*270mm(W)*250mm(H)
Weight 7.2kg